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Magia sărbătorilor de iarnă la Zimbrărie, 26.12.2021
Președinta Maia Sandu îndeamnă tinerii din țară să se alăture Campaniei naționale de înverzire a plaiului
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Promovarea turistică can admire bisons and sleep in the woods. Bike tourism will start this month for tourists who want to visit picturesque places in this area, Mesager reports.

Reservation "Padurea Domneasca" has become lately very attractive for visitors- birds and animals as well as a colony of about 13 species of birds, known as the Country of Herons.

Also, you can see wild boars, deer, pheasants, and seven bisons. New species of deer has been recently brought to the reservation.

" Here is the area where European bisons live and we are on the land of bisons in Moldova. It is a big building for tourists ", said scientific collaborator of the reservation "Padurea Domneasca", Marian Tarigradschi.

The reservation is visited annually by about six thousand people; most of them were children from schools in the country. Also, "Padurea Domneasca" is increasingly visited by foreign tourists from all over Europe, including the USA, Russian Federation, Romania and Poland.

A project on bike tourism has been recently implemented together with young people from the US Peace Corps to attract visitors.

"We have arranged a small ecotourism complex, there are two houses, designed for tourists. Now we got the money for ten bikes", said Marian Tarigradschi.

" I have been in Moldova for 10 months. I love the people here, they are very kind, so I want to do something nice for your country. We want to develop an economic project in rural areas and to attract more tourists ", said Tim Crowley, a representative of the US Peace Corps.

Reservation "Royal Forest" is known as the oldest forest in Europe, where you can find coral reefs, archaeological and historical monuments, which are appreciated in the context of tourism development in Moldova. Padurea Domneasca covers an area of ​​six hectares.